Should I Leave?

It’s a question I’ve been asking myself,

Whether if it’s even worth it anymore

The pressure just keeps rising,

Momentum keeps building

And my surroundings:

The people,

The things they say,

It’s like they all want me to feel bad about myself

It’s not something that I want to happen,

But what if I want to in the end?

What if it finally gets too much?

What if I eventually ignore those encouraging hands trying to pull me back to shore,

And jump in the river and try to find a new island?

Would it be worth it?

I just wanna kill this fear,

I want this fear to die,

So my confidence can be revived again

I’m still wondering whether this is where I belong

Whether this place was meant for me,

Or whether this was another test or trick shot 

Do I really belong here?

Or should I plan my departure before things get worse 


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