You have a “type” of girl

It seems like all the girls you’ve been with were similar to each other:

They were all attractive,

All had the media for you to contact them

All had large amounts of friends

But you weren’t satisfied


How do I know?

Because you’ve never maintained a proper relationship with them 

They all let you down somehow,

Some way,

They made you lose interest,

Cause you aren’t getting what you wanted,

Or what you needed

But you’re looking in the wrong direction

You’re going left instead of right

You’re not choosing the right people

That’s why you get let down all the time

You should know that there’s someone out there,

She will treat you how you’re supposed to be treated

She will give you the attention you deserve 

She will make up for all the terrible encounters you’ve gone through with others in the past

She will love you

And that girl will be me

I’ll treat you better than that,

I’ll care for you,

I’ll show you how much you mean to me

Just trust me

As long as you do the same,

We’re finally going in the right direction 


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