I’ve never really been a leader,

But I’ve never wanted to be a follower

If I were to spend all my time,

Hanging out with people,

Who didn’t give me any attention,

Didn’t treat me like a human being,

Didn’t include me in anything they did,

Then I would’ve said:

Forget it

But even if I did have a friend,

Who I hung out with all the time,

I wouldn’t be the leader in our relationship,

When I was in that type of situation,

I was usually abandoned for better,

More fun people

Now I spend time on my own,

I isolate myself from other people,

Because I keep myself company

I don’t have to worry about not belonging our being excluded

I may still feel like I’m not part of anything,

But it’s better than just being a tag along toy,

It’s better than being a sideman


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