*The following content in block quotes are from personal song lyrics that I wrote myself about this particular topic and therefore will be copyrighted in order for them not to be stolen* ©

“Are you okay, are you tired?”

“Not really,”

It’s true,

Not really,

But extremely

I’m not physically tired,

I’m mentally tired,

I’m emotionally tired,

I’m socially tired

I’m tired of hearing those whispers,

Those voices,

They may not be aimed at me,

But I feel like they include me

I ‘m tired of everything going wrong in my life

I’m tired of people who are the closest to me leaving

I’m tired of being:

“Abandoned with friends who don’t even know me,”- Pulling Me Down from Two- Faced ©

I’m tired of being an observer of things,

Rather than being a participant

I’m tired of the attacks and the breakdowns at times which are too frequent for my liking


I’m tired of being tired

Why won’t someone wake me up already?



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