The Shades Between Green & Blue- Prologue


I kinda feel trapped.

There is an entire other part of London that I’ve never seen before. Where people wear green and have a female leader and grow vegetation just because they want to.

I’m lucky to even know about The Greens. The Cyan could be inconsiderate and not even tell us anything at all.

Everyday I see them on the news: making changes, making the world a better place.

I have to admit. 

Sometimes I wish to be a Green.


This place is keeping me hostage. How can there be a part of London I’ve never seen before?

But the thing is, all the things we do are just boring. We’re broccoli- coloured hippies: we love peace and growth and agriculture. Whereas they focus on the important things like politics, intelligence and power. 

I see The Cyan talk about the intellectual things they do, like governmental debates and protests. What do we do? Plant ficuses and bathe in the sun.

I have to admit.

Sometimes I wanna be a Blue.

© Copyright

                                    ~ ES Ordinary xx


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