I Feel Young

It’s not like I’m not young,

It’s just I feel like a little kid compared to other girls

They have the trends:

The skinny jeans that don’t reach all the way down,

The branded shoes,

The jackets 

I’m different

I wear jeans that go all the way to my ankles 

I don’t have a lot of pairs of branded shoes

I feel like I still dress like a kid

They dress like “older girls”

I don’t have all the social media sites,

I can’t even talk properly IRL,


Cause everyone talks about what people saw on other people’s accounts

And since I didn’t see it,

Cause I don’t have it,

I have nothing to talk about

How are things that happened online the only way we have something to talk about?

I thought we would talk about actual things that happen in our lives?

But it’s about how that boy/ girl on Instagram looks peng 

I may feel young,

But I sound pretty old when I talk about the damage technology has done to our generation

Too much has happened already


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