The Shades Between Green & Blue- Blog Story Description

Hey everyone! It’s me, your awesome person. Today, I got an idea for the blog story that some of you may have known that I was thinking about doing. During school, I got the idea to call the story:

The Shades Between Green & Blue

So this story is about a dystopian city of London which has been divided up into two regions called The Greens and The Blues.

The leader of the entire county is The Middler who lives in a separate region called The Cyan. 

Jasmine has always been a Blue but has always had that desire to climb over the giant wall that separates the two regions ever since she could remember.

Marlon is a rebellious Green who doesn’t want to be a Green anymore and is determined to climb that wall and seek his fate.

When Jasmine and Marlon meet in an unexpected way, they eventually understand those desires they are both feeling. But after an unexpected circumnstance, they find themselves wanting to rebel against The Cyan and The Middler.

Whether they are Green or Blue, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is their freedom.


I hope you like that and are pretty excited! ☺️

Make sure to like comment and follow my blog and please tune in for the first part of The Shades Between Green & Blue.

Peace out and stay awesome ✌🏾️

                                    ~ ES Ordinary xx

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