Your Eyes

You read out your speech,

And then your eyes just wafted towards me

As if you knew I was watching you

Why do you always do this?

When I finally forget about you,

You lure me back into this trap of yours,

Your eyes tell a story,

The story where the escapologist cannot escape

She easily escapes other traps,

She’s escaped every one,

But a new trap has come

And this one is too tough

The chains choke her,

They take the breath out of her,

Once she finds a strategy and is on her way out,

They catch her and cling to her again,

And the chains get thicker and stronger

She still wonders how she will get out

Your eyes open gates to my soul

Why won’t these gates just lock up and never open again

Why won’t this story your eyes tell end?

Or have a happily ever after?


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