What Are You Writing?

“What are you writing?”

“Is it a book?”

“Is it your diary?”

“Is it a journal?”

That’s what you get when you write in your book in front of everyone

Everyone wants to know what you’re writing,

What the book is for,

Whether they’re allowed to read it

Well most times I don’t wanna tell you

There’s some things I wanna hide from other people because I’m too scared to get judged by them

It’s embarrassing to show them my inner thoughts and feelings

They might think it’s a burn book,

A handwritten story book,

A diary that I write in in the day instead of it being the last thing I do before falling asleep

But why do they care so much?

Maybe it’s because I do it all the time and they wanna know why I do it so frequently

The curiosity must exhaust them

But let me tell you,

That book is special

I write my songs in there,

I write my poems in there,

And all my sacred words are sealed with my beautiful signature

They’re my innermost, deepest feelings that I write with either a tune,

Or a characterisation of the voice

I can’t show it to just anyone

Cause they won’t take it that seriously

But maybe I just told you so you could go away

So I could finally give you what you wanted so you would have no option but to depart

But I can’t trust anyone with my words

My words have power

And they cannot be put in the wrong hands

They already have my signature


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