We Took Walks

We took walks down by the lake,

Reflecting the beautiful sunset which was slow- dancing in the sky 

We strolled side by side,

Our fingers entwined with each other’s 

My head on your shoulder,

Watching the turbine spin 

We sat down,

You put your arm around me

I thought this would be the perfect moment

Until you said that one sentence:

That one sentence that made the sky darken,

The sun go down,

The lake become deep, dark and unknown

You disappeared in the shadows,

And I felt the shadowy, cold fingers of being abandoned clutch at my heart,

Squeezing it until I choked out all the love we had,

All the memories,

All the beautiful feelings

My mind was erased of all these wonderful times with you

From that day on,

I never took another walk down that lake


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