Give Me A Sign 

I said I was over you,

I made my mind lose interest 

I made sure my eyes only shifted at appropriate times

But I’m afraid


Because I still feel like you’re pulling me back into the hole 

Like I’m right at the edge,

Ready to soar

But you’re trying to drag me back to shore

I need to move on

I know there was nothing

All there was were the gentle wandering of the eyes

Locking into each other 

Then taking out the key

Yet still

I feel like there’s still a bit of spark left

A little golden glow at the burnt out match 

Why do I feel like there may be something left?

I don’t know how you feel

But I don’t know how I feel either 

Just give me the word

Send me some sort of message 

That tells me the truth about your feelings

I want his over and done with 


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