It seems to be that we are expected to be as expected

Why does it seem like:

You have to be attractive to get asked out

Gay people act like girls

Lesbians act like boys

Girls like pink and pink only

And it’s the same for boys and blue

If you have a crush then they automatically like you too

Teenagers are the worst kind of people

All mixed raced people are Islam

All Arabs are part of Islamic state

All rich people are rude and always spend their money

All rich kids are spoilt brats who are worse than their parents

You’re only smart if you’re good at maths

All Asians eat noodles

You’re smart cause you wear glasses

Who taught us these things?

Who made us believe in them?

Was it society?

Was it television?

Who started this trend?


(DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to be offensive this is just stating things I has noticed people seemed to believe as I was growing up and currently. I apologise greatly if this happened to be offensive to any of you.)


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