The Division

Don’t you feel like we’re all just separated?

Cut up and divided into several types of people?

It seems like we aren’t together anymore

We used to do things as one:

In unison,

As a melodious sound,

Reaching across the mountains and hills,

Changing lives and the statuses,

We used to be awesome

But what happened to us?

I guess we found out that there were other people in other areas whom we had more in common with than others

It made us forget abour each other:

That togetherness we had,

It became forgotten,

Our mountain- peak- reaching sound turned into a faint, only slightly tuneful whisper

We are still as one,

But now we are like a cake that has been cut up and ready to be served:

Like how we were separated in cliques that are so close to taking us away and consuming us,

They became ravenous for us after the division 


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