Why do I feel so angry every time I look at him?

I don’t wanna accept the fact that there will be nothing between us

But I have to,

And I’m still learning

All the things of the Earth are weighing me down,

The accusations,

The continuous heartbreak,

The rejection,

All pushing me to the ground

If only I could make things better

But all things surrounding me are just irritating

I don’t feel like I’m part of anything,

I’m trying to get through this everlasting madness,

Trying not to let the tears roll,

Trying to repeat and whisper words of wisdom and encourgement

But it’s too difficult,

It’s annoying,

I’m in the middle of a huge popularity contest

I’m not a contestant,

Well, as far as I know

But everything just seems so irritating

And I’m hiding in the dark,

Annoyed with life



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