No More Fireworks

There was something between us,

I just didn’t know what it was

We met eyes too many times,

But I wasn’t complaining at all

I believed there was something between us

But then words were said,

It seemed like you were happy when you found out it was me

You felt glad somehow:

Happy that someone recognised your awesomeness

But then you were told otherwise,

It seemed like you lost hope

You still wanna figure it out,

You already had the answer,

You were clutching it tightly in your hands,

It seemed like you didn’t want to let it go

But you let it go 

You opened up your hands and let the answer fly from your palms,

The answer is now floating in mid- air,

Wanting to be retrieved,

It’s so upsetting:

There’s no more sparks,

No more fireworks


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