My Words of Truth

It seemed like earlier today,

My writing was done so passionately,

So powerfully,

So truthfully,

That it affected to me

It made my eyes flood with tears,

Made my heart pound uncontrollably,

Made my breathing heavier,

Just by writing words on a page with a wooden stick filled with graphite,

Just dancing beautifully on the page

But why was I so emotional?

I was telling the truth,

That I thought things weren’t getting better

That everything was going wrong

Sometimes just seeing the words on the page was almost as powerful as them being thrown right at you

That you were the one writing it

Accepting those mean words you wrote yourself,

About yourself

The things that happened previously 

Made me write those things

Made me wanna set fire to the rain

And rip down walls 

My own words made me go into anxiety mode

My words of truth

Not only tell what is correct

But they are jam- packed with power and emotion


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