Why I Hate Going to Customer Checkout

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Hey guys it’s me (obviously, I ain’t a robot😅) and I’m here for another blog for you guys.

Today I’m gonna tell you why I hate going to customer checkout. I know it sounds a bit… yeah, but I thought it would be a good idea to take a break from poems and actually write a full- length proper blog. As I always say, this isn’t a blog where I just post poetry: I post other stuff as well. So I guess this is the “other stuff”. 😅

Anyway, let’s start this blog before I start to sound a bit stupid.

So we all know that every time we go to shop somewhere, we have to pay for the stuff. It’s compulsory- and it also saves you from getting beat up and arrested.

But do you know what I really hate when it comes to paying? Having to go through such a frickin long line of people waiting to legally possess those things you picked out from the shop.

Honestly, one of the worse case scenarios is having to leave the line to go and do something quickly and by the time you come back, the line has gotten longer and you can’t go back to where you’ve been.

That’s one of the reasons.

Another reason includes this:

As some of you guys may or may not know, I have social anxiety, meaning that I have trouble communicating with others freely without getting anxious.

At customer checkout, you have to talk to actual people. (Again, they ain’t robots either). And it seems that every time I go and pay for stuff and leave the shop, the shopkeepers think I’m probably stupid. (I’m actually a smartass btw, I’m just really bad at talking). I’m always really slow when it comes to put my stuff in the bag as well.

It’s so bad that every time I’m about to pay for my things, I literally have to make a game plan on how I’m gonna put my stuff in the bag (which I usually have to share with other products cause of the stupid 5p bag thing 🙄), unzip my purse, put the change in my purse and scrunch away the receipt.

This is usually how the game plan works:

Ok, we’re about to pay, let me unzip my purse and find out how I’m gonna pay for this.

Ok, so I’ll give this note to them and then these amount of coins so I can get this amount of change.

*Waits in line to her dismay with her unzipped purse and game plan rolling in her head*

*Gets to her turn*

*Automatically turns on proper British voice*

“May I please have a bag?”

*Gives ES a bag but doesn’t put the stuff in for her*

*ES finally does this stupidly long and embarrassing way of putting her products in the bag herself, pay the shopkeeper and then they wait impatiently for her to be done with her bagging and give her her change*

Then they tell me to have a nice day and then I say something like:

Thank you, you too 🙂

I always seem to end up carrying a large amount of change and have to hide in an unnecessary place to sort myself out because I’m an awkward, considerate person who doesn’t like to hold people up. Why? Because I already get really frustrated when people take forever to get their crap together, and I don’t wanna be a hypocrite. So if I wanna get my crap together (and by my crap, I mean my change and receipt), I’ll do it either when I’m walking, or by hiding in between clothes, usually bending down so nobody can see me.

Honestly, this is why self checkout is so much better:

  • You can spend as much time as you need getting your crap together
  • People won’t get pissed with you for taking forever
  • You get to know how it is to be a shopkeeper and imagine how much of a better job you’d do than them and be proud of yourself for being so damn good at scanning
  • Oh, and also, you don’t have to talk to anyone unless your machine is doing something weird and those people that stand by have to help you.

So yeah, those were the reasons why I hate customer checkout. And if you’re a shopkeeper reading this, I hope you understand and this didn’t offend you in anyway.

I hope you enjoyed my blog today, it was a pretty good rant to be honest ;). Make sure to like comment and follow my blog, Waves of Awesomeness and don’t be scared to look at my other blogs, including some of my well loved poems.

Peace out and stay awesome. ✌🏾

~ ES Ordinary xx



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