A Glass’ Reflection

An identical figure stands before me as I look into the glass

All I see is everything wrong

Why is her face so spotty?

Why is her skin tone uneven?

Why does she keep on looking at it as if it’s something to be proud of?

Is she vain because of this?

It seems to be that whenever people look in the mirror,

They either say everything that’s right with them

And everything that’s wrong

Appearance is powerful:

It’s the first thing you notice about a person

But it doesn’t mean it’s the most important

Sometimes looking in the mirror

We see the mistakes we’ve made

And think:

Wow, that’s the face of the person who did that 

Why are we putting ourselves down?

But why are we also overrating ourselves?

It seems like we’re either too much or too little

We’re either more than we think we are or less than we do

Why can’t we just feel happy about ourselves no matter the way we look?

No matter how many mistakes we’ve made,

We’re still wonderful

And that’s what we should say to ourselves every time we look in the mirror


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