Now That I’m Going Back to School…

Hey everyone, hope you guys are good. 

So as you guys know, I’ve been posting A LOT of poetry lately: like 5 a day (so it’s healthy πŸ˜‰).


I’m going back to school on Monday, meaning that I’ll be back to doing a lot of work and having 7 hours of school taking up my day. It also means that I won’t be posting as much blogs and poetry as usual.

This doesn’t mean I won’t post at all, this just means that I won’t post as usually. So please, don’t start unfollowing me or posting any hate comments because of my lack of posting. What you can do though is read some of my past blogs which you may enjoy. I don’t only post poetry, the poetry just became a new thing. There are different categories that you can check out.

Thanks so much guysss. 

                                 ~ ES Ordinary xx


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