Not Always as it Seems

She’s a businesswoman,

She has a high- paying job

She is high in her place of work

She is as beautiful  as the day,

So intelligent,

So sophisticated and classy

Her husband is just as amazing as her:
Has pretty much all the same qualities

And she has the most wonderful kids all living in a great accommodation 


She is not satisfied,

At all


Maybe it’s because she doesn’t enjoy her job

She has no one to bond with there 

Her boss is strict and unreasonable

She may be high but still that’s more work,

More tiredness,

More frustration

And what you didn’t know was that because of this high paying job,

And her husband’s,

They barely get to see each other

Their intimacy,

Their spark,

Their chemistry,

It’s moderately starting to wane

They are gradually getting frustrated with each other 

Even her kids,

She barely gets to see them,

They’re more closer to their child minder than to her 

And she wishes that could change

If only she could turn back time

Not everything is how it seems

You may have thought her life was perfect at first,

But really it’s not quite there

Sometimes it’s not about the situation you’re in financially,

But the situation you’re in relatively:

Your family, friends, those you love-

That really matters


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