She lights up the room every time she walks in

She is a ray of sunshine amongst the dark empty clouds

She moves with confidence and with ease

She doesn’t have to worry about anything

She doesn’t have to work for anything

Everything is right at her fingertips

She’s the main subject in every conversation

She’s the one every boy chases after

I see her when amongst those dark empty clouds

I watch her as she moves with confidence and ease wondering,

Why does she deserve it? Why does she have it all?

Why am I here in this situation, feeling downgraded and unattractive and not special? Why don’t I deserve it? Why can’t I be as appreciated?


I always say she doesn’t deserve it but why?

Just because I’m not the same?

Just because people think she’s better?

Why can’t I just appreciate a person for being amazing in every way?

Why am I so jealous?

It’s because I’m not to that standard,

And I wanna be, but I’m not

And they are

And I think I deserve it more

But we’re all equal, aren’t we?

There’s people who deserve more than what they have now and they look at me and think I don’t deserve what I have

But their jealousy is understood, why?

Because it’s the condition they’re living in

It’s not their fault, it wasn’t collectively

Are we really being jealous of the wrong things?

There’s no one higher, there’s no one lower

We’re all equal, we’re all human

And we’re all jealous


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