Did You Ever?

I was in love with you,

It was confirmed by others,

Confirmed by me,

It was official 

You made me feel things:

Feelings I’d never felt before

They all combined together in my soul,

They made me want to explode

I knew you had it for someone else

She was pretty much the most awesome person you could meet

But she had someone 

You were heartbroken

Yet I swooped in and gave you hope,

With what?

My own feelings

We had something,

Some sort of connection,


You knew my feelings,

But I never knew yours 

I still wonder:

Did you ever love me?

Did you ever think about me at certain times of day?

Did you wanna know more about me?

Did you enjoy looking in my eyes the way you always do?

Or were you just doing this to not leave my heart in shatters?


Just tell me,

Did you ever?


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