What Happened to Our Generation?

I don’t know

There are so many deaths,

So many disasters still going on

There are people in the streets

They pray for rain cause it’s their only source of water

Technology is evolving

But making us lazy and spiteful

They say it was created to make life easier,

 But all it did was make us less bothered and make us work less

Kids are being spoiled and spending too much time on their devices

When they see that peng girl on Instagram:

They  would rather link her through social media

Rather than meet up and get to know her 

The government is getting more corrupted,

Britain is leaving the EU,

America is now in the hands of an entrepreneur whom is disliked by several others

Terrorists are roaming over the Eastern World

The earth is getting warmer yet we still burn fuel

Teenagers are getting social anxiety 

The only good way of communicating with others is through social media

People are becoming more and more oblivious 

No one can spend time with each other anymore 

Because everything is getting more expensive 

They spend long hours working to keep themselves in good condition

Yet there are still people dying in this world 

Music has changed

Songs don’t have meaning anymore

Celebrities don’t get any privacy 

What is wrong with us?

What is wrong with our generation?


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