Should I Do More Poems?

Hey everyone, it’s me of course and I need to talk about a serious matter that isn’t really that serious. As you may have known, I posted two blogs which were of poetry and tagged it on teens and poetry and it seems to be that a lot of you guys enjoyed it. I mean literally, around 4 mins after posting Jealousy I already got a view.

I got inspired to put a bit of poetry on my blog by Hideaway Girl and I thought:

Why not try that?

Just to let you guys know though, I don’t post only poetry on this blog, I also post storytimes and survival files for secondary school and even recently, I posted a blog about my songwriting. Also, I’m not a real poet, I just like writing from the heart and writing songs is very similar to writing poetry though not always as deep.


Do you guys think I should post more poetry? Also, don’t be scared to suggest some post ideas or topics you think I should do.

Thanks 😄

                                 ~ ES Ordinary xx


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