*The following content in block quotes are from personal song lyrics that I wrote myself about this particular topic and therefore will be copyrighted in order for them not to be stolen* ©

“You see those other people, who everybody loves, who everybody knows, oh damn those people.”- Living Life the Way it is from The Good Weeks ©

Sometimes I wonder why people rate them so much? Because of their talent? Because of their appearance? Or just because of the people they hang out with that may possess those qualities?

“They think they’re cool, but they ain’t all great, only known cause of their mates,”- Release Them from The Good Weeks ©

Does this really apply to all of them?

You see them everyday in the courtyard,

Doing their own thing,

That thing you hate

Just walking around, causing drama,

Shouting like no man’s business,

Getting your year group banned from places because of something they did

They think they need the special treatment,

Just because they’re rated

But other people tell you:

“Stop chatting crap, you don’t know all the details, people are actually nice,”

But the thing is, I chat crap all the time,

Because I watch them in the shadows,

Causing mayhem, getting everyone else in trouble

I know it’s not all of them,

But most of them

But I still wonder:

Am I still just jealous?

Because they have more friends?

Because I’m just an outsider looking from a distance?

Because I wanna be as happy and rated and liked as they are

Sometimes I love them,

And sometimes I hate them

But that’s the problem with pretty much everything

There’s a side everybody likes,

And another which people may not

Nothing and nobody is perfect

Those who think the populars are perfect,

And those who think they are terrible,

You are both wrong


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