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Hello my awesome people, hope all is well. I’ve been posting a lot l because yesterday and today were the best WordPress days everrrrrr. I got to look at many different blogs and also got a lot of views, likes and follows. Today, was even my best day for likes and I’m so thankful for everyone who helped me get this far. I feel like Waves of Awesomeness has gone international: I got views from not just the UK but the UAE, Philippines, India, Netherlands, Cyprus, Singapore, the USA, Germany, Kenya, Italy and Australia. I just love that feeling that I’m actually blogging for others and not just myself. But let me stop babbling cause I’m starting to become irritating.

Today, I decided to tell you guys some of my favourite people on YouTube because honestly, YouTube is full of amazing people and was pretty much the best thing to happen to social media and the internet in a long time. I really enjoy watching these people’s videos and also recommend for you guys to watch them.



1.) IISuperwomanII


Lilly Singh, better known as Superwoman was born in Toronto, Canada (her family is also from Punjab, India) and has a very popular YouTube channel called IISuperwomanII. Her channel currently has 10 million subscribers.

If you don’t watch her channel, then you reallyyy should. Lilly’s channel can make you laugh out loud whenever you watch any of her videos. The video above Types of Commercials is personally and probably my favourite video of hers. Her content is both relatable, hilarious and true and she is really appreciated for it. You may also remember her as being the YouTube “Beyoncé” in the YouTube Rewind 2016 which was amazingggg. Not only this, but Lilly initially struggled with depression and she decided to start her channel to deal with her feelings. You’ll love her.

2.) Alisha Marie

Alisha Marie is 23 year old YouTuber and was born in Riverside, California. She is known as being a fashion and beauty guru and her channel currently has 4 million subscribers.

What I really like about Alisha is that she’s really herself in the videos and very free. They’re nice and girly and like relaxed; her videos are kinds which you can watch when you want some advice on makeup and stuff like that or if you just wanna watch some relatable content. I really enjoy watching her Awkward Situation videos personally because they are so funny, interesting and sometimes so true for us. Also, she appeared (or is appearing I don’t really know if it’s appeared in my continent yet) in the Disney Channel TV Show Bizaardvark. Overall, she’s a pretty damn awesome person.

3.) Maybaby


Meg Deangelis known as Maybaby is a 21 year old Canadian- born YouTube star who currently has 5 million subscribers on her channel.

I love Meg because her content is funny, relatable, girly and just overall awesome. She does different types of videos about how girls do particular things, things we as humans do and also some DIYs to get you doing stuff. Meg also has her own show on AwesomenessTV and has also appeared on the channel as a character on the series Royal Crush with other fellow YouTubers. Honestly, what she does is pure awesomeness.

4.) Rosanna Pansino


Rosanna “Ro” Pansino is a 31 year old baker and YouTube star and was born in Seattle, Washington. She currently has 7 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Ro is EVERYTHING! Honestly, she surfs the waves of awesomeness like they’re still waters running dry. She can bake like no man’s business yet she declares that “she’s not a pro”. I once made a smoothie following her recipe and it turned out sooooo good. Not only this, but she has a segment on her channel called Nerdy Nummies where she turns a normal recipe like cookies, or cakes into something like a Star Wars, Harry Potter, Big Hero 6 etc baking success. She also once in a while has features by celebrities and other YouTube stars like Lilly Singh (yes, Superwoman the expert waves of awesomeness surfer), Markiplier and the Smosh Brothers. Ro also introduced a song she wrote called Perfect Together (it’s available on iTunes btw, I’m not sponsored by anyone or advertising, just putting it out there cause I really don’t wanna get in trouble) and honestly I really enjoyed it, especially how she used food pairings to show her perfect they were together.

“If you were a strawberry, then I would be the smoothie,”– Perfect Together by Rosanna Pansino

Ro also appeared in Bizaardvark just like Alisha Marie and she also featured in the music video for Dawin and Silentó’s song: Dessert which I also believe is available on iTunes(still trying not to get in trouble here 🙂 )

Honestly, she is amazeballs and if you don’t know her already, then now you know.



Shay Carl Butler is a 36 year old vlogger who was born in Logan, Utah. He has a personal channel which is self- entitled with the name ShayCarl which currently has 1 million subscribers and also his very famous family vlog channel which is mentioned above which currently has 4 million subscribers. His family known as The Shaytards are known as YouTube’s first family.

Honestly, this is the type of channel you can watch when you have some free time and you just wanna watch a vlog to make you laugh and smile. Pretty much the whole family is on YouTube and it’s a pretty awesome family. It shows the life of a man who achieved so much in his life, living with his wife and 5 kids. They are very famous on YouTube and they actually make me really happy: they give me that warm feeling inside. They are so interesting and so intimate as well (I’m not saying it in that kinda way) and they are such a great family. Shay Carl was known to have lost 112 lbs (50.8 kg) in a matter of a year which is more than just surfing awesome waves. It is riding on waves, pretty much laying down on waves cause it’s so frickin easy for him, doing a 720 degree turn (yes, he just defying laws of physics and aerodynamics) doing 8 back tucks and sticking it on waters stiller and drier than a paralysed cracker sculpture doing the mannequin challenge. Yes, it’s THAT AWESOME. In my opinion, I find Shay so inspirational and motivating. He went from living on food stamps to becoming a YouTube millionaire, wrote a book with his son, branched his own merchandise in Maker Studios, losing sooo much weight and so much more that’s too much to name. Shay Carl is a great example of how impossibility doesn’t exist.

5.) Niki and Gabi


Niki and Gabi Demartino are 21 year old twin sisters born in Pennsylvania. Their YouTube channel currently has 4 million subscribers.

I really enjoy watching Niki and Gabi’s videos. I mostly enjoy their relatable videos and spoofs especially the Celebrities series they created. Honestly, it’s so funny and so interesting to watch. Not only this but occasionally, they post covers and music videos on their channels, and they have really nice, sweet voices. The cover videos are always so well produced. So far, they produced two original songs called “it” and FirstYou should go check these girlies out.

So that’s the end of the blog, I know it’s not poetry or one of my funny (if they are) blogs but I thought it would be nice to show you another side of ES:

The lover of YouTube 🙂

Also, I wanna make sure you guys know that I’m not being sponsored or advertising anything, I just wanted to show you guys some of my favourite channels to kinda create conversation and also let you guys know about different channels on YouTube you may or may not have heard about.

I still hope you guys enjoyed it. Make sure to like, comment and follow my blog Waves of Awesomeness and don’t be scared to look at my other blogs are comment any other YouTube channels you may like and would want me to check out.

Peace out and stay awesomely awesome. 🙂

~ ES Ordinary xx



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