My New Year’s Resolutions- 2017


It’s 2017 now, meaning goodbye to 2016 and hello new year’s resolutions. Yes, those annoying things we have to maintain until the end of year which can be very piss- taking for the year but really help tbh.


I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my resolutions for 2017 with you guys cause I’m just like that to be honest. 😊😏😌

I’m also free and fine with any of you guys sharing any tips on helping me fulfil any of these resolutions: that would really be nice. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ½



1.) Tackle my social anxiety

Around a year into entering secondary school, I gained social anxiety and it has affected me greatly since. It’s been pretty difficult for me to communicate with other people and I really want to be the happy, easy- going extroverted person I used to be.

Not only this, but I’ve wanted Snapchat for a long while now cause we all know how much of an awesome app it is and pretty much everyone has it apart from me. My sister then told me about how there are people who can only be confident online but when it comes to real life, their confidence wanes and she doesn’t want that to be the case for me. So, as soon as I start to tackle my social anxiety and begin to talk to people with more ease, she’ll start thinking about letting me have Snap.

I’m trying to see if they are some online blogs or like guides which can help me with this and I really want them to be effective. I hope I’ll fulfil this by God’s Grace.

2.) Make confidence my close friend again

Losing my confidence was the worst thing to happen to me in secondary school, especially as it’s so important in this state of institution. It was my social anxiety that made confidence like a popular person: known and loved by everyone but pretty hard to have as a friend. I remember how confident I was a couple of months into Year 7 and I missed that time. I wanna be Extra Super OrdinaryΒ as soon as possible, be able to look in the mirror and feel good about myself like ES Quote #1. That will be my target for 2017.

3.) Try to participate in at least one more extracurricular activity

To participate in more extracurricular activities was my Year 8 target and already I’m in an after school dance team and a leader for a department in school. However, I want to participate in at least one more to keep my week a bit more interesting. (And to keep me interested too😜)

4.) Do the Jack Petchey ‘Speak Out!’ Challenge later this year

If you have read my blog post: Things I Learnt in Year 7: 2015-2016Β then you would know that one of my secondary school targets was to do the Speak Out Challenge which was created by Jack Petchey. The challenge is pretty self- explanatory: you basically speak out about something you strongly believe in. My sister won this before and my parents were very proud of her for this. I also want to do the same not just to take on her footsteps and make her proud or to make my parents proud, but to make myself proud as well. It would be a great achievement.

Additionally, I would also want to win as many awards as I possibly can in 2017.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post for today. Make sure to like comment and follow my blog Waves of Awesomeness 🌊 and don’t be scared to tune in for blogs of the past and future.

Peace out and stay awesome ✌🏾️

~ ES Ordinary xx


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