Another Story From the Early Morning: The Time I Almost Lost my Dad’s Phone

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It seems like the most annoying things happen to me early in the morning- the most piss- taking time of day.

First, a cat tries to enter my bathroom through the open window and now this.


This is how it went down:

So basically, a long time ago in November, so ES Ordinary says,

Her phone got confiscated by her dad on a Sunday

Yeah, so that’s what happened.

Apparently, I was too attached to it and my dad was going to take it away for an indefinite amount of time, meaning I didn’t know when I was going to get it back. So ever since then, I had to be using my dad’s phone as my alarm for school.

Piss taking. 😦

So there came the night before when I said to my dad:

Dad, can I have your phone?

And then he was like:

I’ll give it to you when you go to bed

So I went to bed like my dad said because, you know, I’m a good girl who listens to instructions. 😊😇

I woke up at like 2 am and found my dad’s phone laying next to me blinding me with it’s light, mostly because my dad’s so damn popular and he gets texts at every time of day.

I took the phone and was on my way to the other side of the room to charge it when I fell back to sleep again. I mean seriously, what do you expect? It was 2 am, I was tired and honestly, I couldn’t be asked.

2 hours later…

I woke up and you know when you wake up and pretty much jerk your body and the duvet in some sort of wave movement? Well, that kind of happened and you know the sound I heard shortly after? The metallic connecting sound of:


And no, before you ask, they weren’t gunshots. They were the sound of my dad’s phone going over the cliff of my bed.

See basically, there’s this gap between my bed and my painted wall and it’s not like a really big gap where a baby can fall in and get stuck, it’s smaller. But it’s the type of small where things like phones and iPads, Kindles, stationery and stuff like that can get stuck and can be hard to get out. Likeee


Hearing that noise, I swiftly switched on the light and tried to look over the edge (even that’s really hard because you have to proper press your face against the wall and proper look down and it makes you look kinda retarded) to see what happened. And even though it was pretty hard, I could only just make out the rose gold colour of my dad’s phone, reminiscing with the nasty ass stuff down by the dusty river. We’re gonna call that place:

The River of the Forgotten

The first thing I wanted to make sure of was whether the phone was actually there or not or if I was just being the crazy person I am and hearing things. So I looked around my bed and saw it wasn’t there so then I did another strategy.

A situation like this had happened before. This phone that my brother had that he proper messed up and destroyed and had no SIM card got stuck in the River of the Forgotten and I used the light of my Kindle and a hanger to fish it out. So, for this, I grabbed my Kindle and tried to use the light to try and “lead the way” and I grabbed a hanger and tried to locate it. I then started retardedly hitting the phone to actually make sure that it was there because honestly, I was still wondering if I was going crazy and whether this actually happened. Unfortunately, this still didn’t work.

You know the scary thing about this was that it wasn’t even my phone that was in the River of the Forgotten. It was my father’s. So if I wasn’t to get it out before daylight- or when he asks me for it later in the morning- I was going to get in trouble.

Then finally,

I knew it 💡 #Eureka

I used my amazeballs super strength to yank my bed (keep in mind that it’s one of those beds that are a mattress on top of this big block of something that I don’t know the name of) as far as I could so I could finally get it.

I saw the phone and:

I grabbed it 

Dusting of some remnants from the Forgotten River, I saw the phone it’s glowing beauty, charged it and went back to bed.

But I was still pretty tired when I got up because I only got to have only like 2 hours sleep after that superhero moment.

Oh well 😦

I hope you guys enjoyed the blog. I know it wasn’t as good as the other early morning story, but hey, I wanted to share the story cause honestly, I need more story times. Make sure to like comment and follow my blog Waves of Awesomeness and don’t be afraid to tune in to blogs of the past and future.

Stay awesome and wavy. 🙂

~ ES Ordinary xx

P.S If you wanna read the story where I a cat almost broke into my house, click here


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