Celebrating Birthdays in Primary School

Birthdays. The day you celebrate the day you were born; another year added to your life.

As a child, birthdays were EVERYTHING. You’d eat cake like no other, fantasize and mostly scream to your parents about how you want your unicorn- fairy, bouncy castle birthday party to be like.

But primary school birthdays were kinda specific. If you’ve celebrated your birthday on a school day in primary (that’s never gonna happen to meπŸ˜ͺ) then you would know. I’ve witnessed all of these school birthdays so I’m gonna tell you how it went down for me.

I pretty much knew everyone’s birthdays so when it came to times like these, I would always give a person something; well, if I actually rated them.

My cards were frickin handmade. I would use my amazing- ass artistic skills and draw masterpieces on the front and write awesomely sweet messages inside of them cause I’m such a nice person. 😌

Present giving was only for your bestest friends (yes, I just said bestest because I’m on nostalgia lane right now so I’m gonna speak like a child). I was pretty amazing at present giving to be honest. My mum would always be like:

These would be lovely for Fajita

And I’d be like:

Mummy you knowwwww

But it would be in childish language cause I wouldn’t have known what that meant:

Yeah Mummy let’s buy this

In primary school times, if you were to give a person something like soaps and chocolate to a friend, then you’ve pretty much given the ultimate present. The ultimate ultimate present would be something like rollerblades. But the ultimate amazeballs purely awesome ULTIMATELY ULTIMATE present would be something like the iPhone 7 Plus given to you like 8 years early. But we all know that’s not physically possible, unless you have the powerful ability to time travel back to 2008 and give a 5 year old child a pre (x8) ordered iPhone 7 from the future. But let’s not go off subject.

This is how it goes down:

So this girl called Estelle got her bestie Fajita these really nice grown-up soaps for her eighth birthday because she’s such an awesome friend who picks the right stuff from Marks & Spencer. She put it in this really nice flowery gift bag which was also from Marks & Spencer and brought it to school on Fajita’s birthday.

Fajita’s a very popular girl meaning she gets a lot of presents from her friends. So far she got:

Celebrations’ Chocolates



But Estelle knew her present was gonna beat everyone else’s by farrrrr.

Happy Birthday Fajita!

Awwww thanks Estelle! *hugs her*

I got you a pwezent!

Oohhhh what you get meeee??

*hands gift bag to Fajita*

*Fajita takes it out and the world goes silent:

Clocks stop ticking, time stands still, water stops running, ducks stop quacking, cows stop mooing at the sight of this beautiful pwezent*

*Fajita screams* Oh my gosh, Estelle! Your the best fwend in the entire world! *hugs the crap out of Estelle*

Your welcome, my mummy picked it out for you!

That, my friend, is a reallyyyy good demonstration of how it was like giving my bestie her birthday present for her eighth. You know Β you’ve given an amazeballs pwezent when the world goes silent like that in awe. And yes, I did actually give her soaps and lotions which my mum picked out. I’m not sure whether they were actually from Marks & Spencer but as far as I know, it was something which was probably a Christmas present and still in our house that my mum wanted to give away. Well, my bestie loved it. Soooo


Another thing that happens during primary birthdays (sometimes) is the celebrant giving snacks and treats to their classmates.

Just the sight of those treats at the back of the classroom eyeing you as if it was saying:

Uh huhhh, yeah, you know it. I’m Β your treat at the end of the day so be excited cause I’m coming. I’ll be dancing around on your tongue πŸ‘… and having a party in your stomach. Mmmm hmm πŸ˜›

If it’s someone’s birthday and they don’t give you treats then that’s just downright cruel and disrespectful. I don’t respect you. πŸ˜‘

But the sad thing was, in Year 6-oh my goshhh I’m getting emotional right nowπŸ˜ͺ- the birthday treats were, they were:


Why, you ask? Because some children could easily get allergic reactions from the food if not told about the contents and you know stuff like that. It was pretty sad 😭


The bright side is, I joined secondary school and we were allowed to do birthday treats again because of our calm form tutor. It only happened once but you know, the process is kinda complicated sooo it’s kind hard to explain.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog: my last blog in 2016 until the new year yayyy! πŸ˜„

Make sure to like comment and follow my blog Waves of Awesomeness and don’t be afraid to tune in to more of my blogs.

Peace out and also happy new year in advance! ✌🏾️😊

~ ES Ordinary xx


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