Secondary School: The Trends

Secondary school’s pretty awesome; and so are the trends. If you’re a cool person or aware of your surroundings, then you would know that pretty much all the secondary schools in my part of London go through or have the same trends as these.



1.) The newest dance challenge

So far this year, there have been quite a number of dance challenges and so far this year, they’ve been proper banged and rinsed out.

You see bare people putting them doing it on their snaps and banging it out with their friends at break. There have also been times when they play it as background music in P.E and people have literally got up and banged it out in front of everyone. If you don’t know how to do this dance then you’d better before it becomes uncool or you do.

Some 2016 Dance Challenges:

Juju on that Beat

Running Man  

Steal Her Man  

Honestly, I’ve low-key banged out all these songs and dance challenges when they were trending and also honestly, I’ve had to watch dance compilations to learn them. 😬

But dance challenges aren’t only banged out in secondary schools but also globally- mostly America. They are pretty awesome, ngl.

2.) The newest internet challenge

If you are like, alive or aware of your surroundings, then you would know that on the internet, there have been several challenges which aren’t only dance. It seems to be that once a challenge is cool in the school or as us London youngers like to call it: certi, then they will be done in school. Let me tell you about two challenges that we did in school in 2016. These are the:

Bottle Flip Challenge

Mannequin Challenge

So the bottle flip Challenge is one I personally hate. You wanna know why? Let me tell you:

Well, basically this guy decided to do something cool. He flipped a bottle by gripping the cap and throwing it so it could fly in a circle and land standing, not on its side, but on the regular side bottle stand on. I don’t have to explain it anymore, do I?

So when the people of our school saw this, they thought:

Woahhh, I can try this. Seems easy, I can land this with my eyes closed.

*flips bottle* Ughhhhh, let me try this again.

*flops again*

Nahhhh, I’m not leaving until it lands

And then it finally lands and the party starts.


Ok, I lied. Really, the person just flips the bottle and lands it (not always though) and it goes silent in shock, surprise and the echoing sound of their pure awesomeness (Jk it’s just a bottle flip it ain’t that personal) and then people start to gas the crap out of themselves.


The reason why I frickin despise this challenge is because:


And I mean it. See, in school, the only drink sold is plain water (we also sell hot drinks but to be honest, it’s pretty much only the teachers who drink from that) and we are allowed to drink it in class. But the thing is:


Guard your bottles people. They literally just grab it and flip it and dent up the bottom of your bottle. For this you need mad reflexes. As soon as the bottle circles in the air, you need to catch it before it lands and your bottle dents.

Honestly, the most common reason why particular people happen to be really good at bottle- flipping, is because they proper bang it out on the daily. Everyday at breakfast and lunch, they buy bottles of water bit just for sipping, but for flipping. They then bang it out at different times of day and piss everyone off, including the teachers who always threaten to give out detentions if they “flip that bottle one more time”. The challenge has gotten pretty old now, to be honest, but trust me, if I was to tell my kids in the future about this challenge, they would wanna try it too and they’ll probably make it a new trend in their school again and it would be like a throwback challenge. I seriously pray for that not to happen.

The mannequin challenge is most likely my favourite challenge that has been created this year. No joke, it is sooooo cool.

So basically, the mannequin challenge became a trend after a bunch of high school students in America stood completely still in different areas of their school and filmed this. In the background, a song by Rae Sremmund and Gucci Mane called Black Beatles was played. They then posted it on Twitter with the #mannequin challenge and then very shortly, it became a worldwide trend and challenge called the Mannequin Challenge.

People started to do different poses in different places, standing completely still having a person film it and the song Black Beatles playing in the background as it became the “anthem” for the mannequin challenge.

The mannequin challenge is soooo awesome. My year group did it twice in our lessons (English and Drama) and as far as I know, the Year 7s did it as well. Also, the Year 9s did it in their P.E lesson when off site; it was amazeballs. That English lesson we did the challenge was literally my favourite English lesson so far: it was sooooo much fun.

3.) The newest music on Link Up TV

Link Up TV is a channel that can be viewed and accessed on YouTube and is where music is viewed and listened to by a number of people. A great number of the musicians and performers on Link Up are British (mostly from London) and because of this, a lot of London secondary students listen to music from Link Up TV. The music is also mostly rap as well and we all know rap is one of the best music genres sooooo… yeahhhhh.

Some musicians/rappers/singers/performers on Link Up TV include:

Bugzy Malone





So these were just some of the trends of secondary school that maybe some of you may be familiar with. The idea of writing this up kinda came to me and I wanted to add another blog to the SecSchool Survival Files. Honestly, I have been posting quite a lot in this category because it just feels like I’m writing comfortably. I feel like they’re more aimed towards people my age or in any year in secondary school, so it’s pretty fun and satisfying to post in the secondary school category.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and tune in for more of these; don’t be afraid to look at some earlier posts. Make sure to like, comment and follow my blog: Waves of Awesomeness, it would really make me happy. 🙂

Peace out and stay awesome. 🙂 ✌🏾

~ES Ordinary xx


5 thoughts on “Secondary School: The Trends

  1. serendipitouswriter says:

    Hello!!! I haven’t trawled through your blog enough to figure out how old you are but I definitely like how you are recording your memories in blog form 🙂 I really wish I did that when I started high school and now I’m in my last year 😦

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