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It seems to be that girls are forever been put under pressure, especially by the opposite sex. In history, women were downgraded and believed to only be servants to men: cleaning, cooking and working for them and then getting criticised for not acting intelligent even though they didn’t even receive proper education because of stereotypical reasons.

Now it seems like in this generation, some girls are getting praised for either having the perfect body for boys to “have a good time with” or being in relation to boys by acting like them or doing sports frequently. In addition to this, it seems like most boys in secondary school have a “type of girl” which turns them on and makes them attractive to them and it leaves girls who aren’t like that “type of girl” feeling like they have to change to be more like those girls and get praised by boys. Let me explain this how I see it:

An average girl starts puberty at around age 10-13 and boys usually start at around 13- 14 years of age meaning girls start earlier than boys do. This means that girls would start to have maturing assets and be getting penger while the boys are waiting for their turn. This is new to the boys because it is unlikely for them to have seen a girl their age, in their yeargroup looking older and more mature than she actually is. Males have particular hormones and sections of their hypothalamus which trigger dirty thoughts. When boys see a body which is somewhat appealing in appearance (large front and back) then they start to have thoughts about what they want to do with that body.

The thing is, there are girls who started their periods earlier, like in primary school so they attracted boys at an earlier stage. The fact that they are still ageing as they grow up and get into older years means that they are continuing to get penger and more womanly. Unfortunately, there are some girls who hadn’t started their periods yet and probably wouldn’t until like Year 9 or 10 unlike the other girls.

These girls would see the other girls getting boys because of their matured bodies and pengass clear faces and they would start to feel like they aren’t good enough for the other sex. I’ve felt like this before. Even though I am currently ageing and I started earlier, I still know that there are other girls with bigger parts that boys are attracted to and my parts are kinda small compared to theirs. I don’t have a clear face, or fleeky eyebrows and I don’t wear the same kind of clothes most of the girls in my year and school wear. Despite my large height, I still feel kind of a kid compared to them because of what I wear and how my parts show when wearing these things.

It sometimes seems like boys like it when girls expose their bodies. There are actually some girls who love their body and their appearances so much: they know it and everyone else does. They look in the mirror and then realise how peng they look and then they start to act like they’re the pengest person on Earth. There are boys who touch other girls and some girls actually enjoy it when that happens. This is what us young people in this generation would called a “sket”: a person who gets touched very frequently and enjoys it. They would most likely enjoy this because if a boy is touching you all the time then it must be that something about your body (most likely the area they touch you) must be appealing in their eyes so they keep on touching it. Before you know it, these girls will start to expose their bodies to make boys more hungry for the touching, as if the girl is saying:

It’s right there if you want it, come and take it; it’s fresh!

Piss- taking.

By exposing their bodies, I mean this:

Say it’s the winter and everyone would be warming up and covering as much of their body as possible; these girls wouldn’t wear their jumpers, nor would they wear tights- they would wear socks instead- and wouldn’t wear their jackets either. Why? Because they want to cause male world hunger for female assets. But let me not chat crap, because I don’t know the real reason why these girls may not be dressing warmly during cold weather. I once lost my jumper so I didn’t wear one for a couple weeks and I didn’t have any tights, nor was I bothered to wear a jacket because then I would have to put it in my locker and it looks weird over my uniform tbh. Imagine if people thought I was trying to show off my parts like those other girls; I would’ve gotten angry and been like:


But I would’ve said it to my head or my friends so no one else could hear me. 🙂

Now, let me give you some advice.

Be you, and you only.

Be with the people who make you happy. Don’t just hang out with people who can raise your popularity because that’s not important. There are people who will support you through everything you do and these are the people who are your friends forever. Not only this, but don’t try and do something just because it can get a boy’s attention. Boys may have been created to be physically stronger than us females, but we are mentally stronger. If a boy only wants you because of your body, then he ain’t the one. I know how flattering it is to be called attractive, but if that’s the only reason he likes you, then that isn’t right. Imagine this, pick the sentence you would prefer to include you.

Why do you like me so much?

You’re so beautiful, you’re like a ray of sunshine every time I see you. I can’t find anyone as attractive as you.

Then look at this one:

Why do you like me so much?

You’re amazing. You’re smart, polite and wonderful. I love spending time with you, love seeing your beautiful face everyday. I want to spend more time with you.

When it comes to beauty, it is just like an accessory or side, not a main meal. A perfect dish would be a great personality as a main course, sweetness as a drink and intelligence or a great appearance at the side. A girl doesn’t have to be the biggest smartass in the world, but she should at least have some common sense to know that she’s with the right guy.

Also girls, don’t let a boy get in your way when it comes to being yourself. Don’t change yourself for someone else’s benefit because if a person wants you to be different just for their liking, then it’s not worth the fight. Us girls go through a lot so there’s no need for you to put more weights on yourself for other people. Only listen to the words which encourage you and tell you what to improve on rather than listen to the screeching sound of bad advice and opinions. If you listen to the negative words, then that would lead you to have the great urge to change yourself, and that’s not right.

Remember, you’re perfect the way you are and if people don’t see that, then they aren’t your friends, just others who are in this world around you.

That’s what’s important, not just in secondary school, but in life itself.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and I also hope that it helped you with your self- esteem. I know things in secondary school are hard but by the time you get older, you’ll be able to cope with it more easily.

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Peace out and stay awesome the way you are.

~ ES Ordinary xx


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