The Difficulty in Our Songwriting- Writing Songs at 13

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I’m a singer- songwriter and I’m 13, it’s not that personal. But the songs I write are. I thought it would be a good idea to let you guys know about my songwriting because I haven’t really spoken a lot about it ever since I started this blog. Also, I’m aware that some of my classmates want more information about my songs, so this is great for pretty much everything.

I started to write songs in August 2015, when I was going to be entering secondary school the month after. I wrote songs before when I was little but it was at this time when I actually started to write songs and add them to albums.

I remember it was August 28th 2015 when I wrote my first album song called: “Slow and Meaningful”. The songs pretty mediocre compared to my songs in the album I’m writing right now. I decided to call the song “Slow and Meaningful” because it seemed like every time I wrote a song it happened to be fast so I had to slow down a little by making the song pretty self- explanatory.

When I entered secondary school, I started to feel lonely and covered up, like nothing in Year 6 had changed that much. So, the day before we had this school Open Day and everything was later fixed, I wrote this song called “To Be Revealed”. I called it this because I felt like nobody would know who I really was, how I really felt or how talented I was and that once that I am going to be revealed, I’m never gonna go back to how it was.

Before I knew it, I started to write songs more often and from experience as well, making them really emotional and truthful. I wrote my first album: To Be Revealed © at the beginning of Year 7 and started to write my second album in around October or November. This album was called A New Year © and it was about how everything changed and got better in secondary school and I had gained a better reputation than I did in primary school.

Cause now’s a new year, a fresh start, no more tears– A New Year from A New Year ©

Most of my songs from A New Year © actually happened to be about my ex- boyfriend “Page” (that’s not his real name but I have to give him a fake name for obvious reasons) and it was the period where I liked him and there were different rumors about him and I. It was also the same for my third album too.

My third album was called Secondary School Trauma © because of the traumatic events which happen in secondary school. I know traumatic seems to be like a really big word, but still, the title sounds pretty good. The “single” for SST © is called “School Cliques” and the song is kind of an anecdote but with a fake story line. It’s about a boy and a girl who have been best friends since primary and are going into secondary school and questioning whether things will ever be the same for them and if they will be able to stay best friends in secondary school. These questions are asked:

Where are we now?

Where will we be?

What will we find?

What will we do?

The song’s pretty deep. It shows in the song that they already know the answer to whether they will still be as great friends. To be honest, it’s highly unlikely because when you enter Year 7, it’s like a big group of friends and you have limited time to get your squad before it’s too late to make new friends again.

Where will we be? Clustered in all of these stupid school cliques, I know that I can truly see, what we’re meant to be- School Cliques from Secondary School Trauma ©

My fourth album was called Kk ©. To be honest, this is probably my least favourite of all my albums cause there’s only a few songs that I actually like in that album, but who knows, maybe if other people hear it, they may actually enjoy it.

Since I’m not really that bothered to write anything about Kk ©, I’m gonna skip to my fifth album which was one of my best albums that I’ve ever written.

My fifth album was called The Good Weeks ©. This album is about how I wish I could have a good week for once. Once something bad starts the week, then I don’t really have a lot of hopes for the rest of the week. I remember when I wanted to write my song The Good Weeks ©, it was going to be some planned out nasty ass song which was like “Monday is blah blah blah, Tuesday is whatnot” and so on. I then realised that it wasn’t gonna work out. The Good Weeks © actually turned out to be an amazing, emotional song about what is always going wrong in my week and how I want things to change:

When am I fine? I’m tired of being inside the lines, I’m tired of the stupid usual- The Good Weeks from The Good Weeks ©

I actually really enjoy the song.

Another thing I like about the album is that it has songs that are so frickin truthful it’s actually unbelievable. There are two songs that I wrote up my experience with populars in school and how they pretty much piss me off on the daily but I’m handing it. The first one is called “Living Life the Way it is”. It’s about how even though those who are popular can be so frickin piss- taking, I’m not gonna let them stand in my way:

So, hey! I don’t care what they say, they think I wanna play, but I’m fine, I’m okay, I can name them name by name, but it doesn’t mean I’m the same, don’t want them to mess up my game, I’m on a slick road, I know where to go, I’m living a good life!- Living Life the Way it is from The Good Weeks ©

The other one is called “Release Them”. This one is about especially when the populars start to be piss- taking and they make you angry and worried. All you wanna do is somehow make all your worries release.

I don’t want them messing up my brain, but they’re in my head, driving me insane- Release Them from The Good Weeks ©


I woke up in a dream that my memories of them could just release in a scream- Release Them from The Good Weeks ©


If only I could release them, then trust me, I would- Release Them from The Good Weeks ©

Honestly, “Release Them” is one of my favourite songs that I’ve written because it’s soooo frickin truthful and full out.

My next album was my first big album because my first five only had 9 songs each so it’s pretty much to small for a proper album and too big for an EP.

My sixth album was called Nostalgia © and it had 12 songs. The title is pretty self- explanatory, it’s about remembering and reliving things which happened in your past; it just comes back to you and nothing feels better. You have the beautiful fiery feeling in your heart that kinda makes you feel like you’re gonna burst into tears in happiness.

This album in my opinion is pretty amazeballs. The songs are wonderful and so fun to sing it’s unbelievable. I wrote a few songs about a guy who I may have kinda liked but never knew if I did. These two were called “He Doesn’t Know Me” and “He’s Taken”.

“He Doesn’t Know Me” is about having a crush but they don’t know you exist and you wish for them to. They’ll only know you by how you are looked upon by other people; this is called a reputation, and if you want them to think good of you without them properly knowing you, then you would need a good reputation amongst people. I thought my reputation wasn’t that good and he properly wouldn’t think about linking me so I shouldn’t get hopes up.

My reputation seems so bad, he probably thinks I’m always sad and smart, and have no friends, oh why?- He Doesn’t Know Me from Nostalgia ©

I like “He Doesn’t Know Me” because of how truthful and emotional it is and I happen to like songs like these, especially if I’ve written one like that.

“He’s Taken” was written after I found out that he actually had a girlfriend who happened to be really peng and seem really nice, so he would never think of linking someone like me. I said in the song how this seems to always happen:

Whenever I would like a guy, he would usually either like someone else or already have someone else:

It’s either someone they’re in love with, or someone who is their girlfriend, I just wanna feel better than nothing, oh when will I love again?- He’s Taken from Nostalgia ©

The song is like a more hardcore version of “He Doesn’t Know Me” but it’s more like an accept it and move on kind of song which is supposed to have like an old- soul theme and type which pretty much links to the name of the album itself.

After I finished writing Nostalgia ©, which was at the end of Year 7, I decided to take a break from writing songs because I already had 6 albums and I thought it was getting too much. I made a deal to myself to start my new album at the beginning of Year 8 so I could just enjoy my summer and not have to think about remembering tunes or structures of lyrics and stuff like that.


I kinda broke the promise to myself and by early August I already wrote a song for my new album which was Number 7 and I called it If 6 Ain’t Enough © which is pretty much wordplay for Rick Ross’ song Sixteen with Andre 3000 which said:

When sixteen ain’t enough- Sixteen by Rick Ross (feat. Andre 3000) 


Don’t you find it so funny when people who didn’t like manufacture the music put this in the YouTube description so they don’t get killed. Hahaha mmmmm 😛

Anyway, I thought it was good to do a wordplay so it’s basically saying:

If 6 albums ain’t enough for you, then I’ll write you a seventh one. That’s your punishment 🙂

This album had 14 songs because you know, if you can actually do simple mathematics, you would know that:

7 x 2= 14

Answer= 14 songs in If 6 Ain’t Enough ©

Ahhhhh, the joy of maths.

This was another amazeballs album I’ve written. The songs are of a variety and are soooo fun to sing. They are also truthful and emotional and as I mentioned before, I love songs like that because when you sing it, it’s like you’re telling a story.

The first song I wrote in If 6 Ain’t Enough © was called “Left Out” and I wrote it during Bible Camp in Dinas Powys, Wales when I was feeling left out amongst my friends from church and I was just feeling alone and excluded.

The thing is, it seems like all my life I’ve been excluded amongst most people and this was just something that came back to me to haunt me again.

I’ve always been the odd one out, the excluded one in the crowd- Left Out from If 6 Ain’t Enough ©

Honestly, I think the real reason why I’ve always been left out is because I’m not part of a proper clique or group or category, so I have the ability to properly relate with different people but I’m not in an individual group with an individual type of people. It’s like being divergent: everything together, but nothing as one.

There was another song in If 6 Ain’t Enough called “August Tears”. This song is kinda linked to “Left Out” because it explains how sad I was during the summer when the summer is supposed to be a time to have fun.

So many tears in August, where happiness should be, depressing moments when I should be happy- August Tears from If 6 Ain’t Enough ©

This song is one of my favourites from If 6 Ain’t Enough © because again, it is so emotional and truthful.

One of my favourite parts of the song is the last chorus:

So, August Tears

We meet most times,

You mess me up,

I don’t have to lie

It’s true I see you once a year,

This is all I have to hear!

Sometimes I wonder,

If I’ll be okay,

I know I’ll see you again another day

These August Tears, they haunt and taunt,

It’s the last thing that I want

– August Tears from If 6 Ain’t Enough ©

This second chorus is supposed to be an octave higher and the part that says:

These August Tears, they haunt and taunt, it’s the last thing that I want- August Tears from If 6 Ain’t Enough ©

Is said 4 times for more impact. See, I’m smart like that.

The last song I wrote in If 6 Ain’t Enough © was called “Lost Sequences”. It’s about how I try too hard and receive bad consequences and pretty much everything that’s going wrong.


My current album that I’m still working on is called Two Faced © and it is going sooooo well. I have about 13 songs in it so far and everything is going well. Now that I’m in Year 8, working on album number 8 (wowww I know) my writing has gotten better and is more mature and I’m trying some new things out. Pretty much everyone in my form knows about my songwriting and they’re all really supporting me through this and I’m glad that I was able to give them more information about it as they probably wanted to know more.

Of course I’m gonna keep on writing because writing and music is a way of expressing myself and I need something to do whenever something happens: just express myself using art.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and if you want to see more, be free to comment on this asking me what you want in particular. Please also make sure to like comment and follow my blog, Waves of Awesomeness and tune in for more blogs as well.

Peace out.

~ ES Ordinary xx

P.S. The reason why these are copyrighted © is in order for none of these to be stolen. Also, all of my songs have my signature on it for this same reason. Thanks 🙂


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