Having a Crush or a Relationship in Secondary School

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As most of you guys probably know, I have talked about crushes quite a lot on my blog. But now that I’ve finished Part III of the primary school evolution series, I now have the time to post different blogs.

I thought that I should add more to the SecSchool Survival Files because it’s something more people around my age can enjoy as it’s more aimed at them- the name is pretty self- explanatory tbh.

Anyway, let’s start.

So there’s always that time when you are crushing on somebody and you can’t stop thinking- or if you’re weird like me- looking at them like no man’s business. You want to let them know how you feel and want them to feel the same way: that’s all you want, and it’s probably the best thing to happen to you when you have a crush.

In secondary school, having a crush is different from what it may be like for other people. Let me demonstrate by doing it in story form. I’m gonna apologise to you in advance because this part may include some informal language known as slang which is used in London. If you understand this, then no worries, but if you don’t, I will put a glossary below, cause I’m a nice person. 🙂


So there’s this girl called Shaniqua and she wants to link this guy named Maxwell. (The thing is this Max ain’t well in the head.) Maxwell is a pengass who gets girls on the daily, no joke. He’s got a six pack and muscles like he stuffed grapefruits under his flesh.


Shaniqua told her friends Rolanda, Michelle and Chardonnay about Maxwell and they are totally right about his buffness. Of course, Shaniqua trusts them about keeping her secret about liking Maxwell. But the thing is, Rolanda, Michelle and Chardonnay weren’t the only ones Shaniqua told about her crush. She also told Shelley, Benny, Tomika and Ian. Well, this wasn’t a good idea, was it, Shaniqua? Nooooooo.

You wanna know why, Shan Shan? Well, these people can’t be trusted because they can’t keep as secret. Out of all these untrustworthy people, Ian was the worse one. Ian has a problem. The problem with Ian is that:


Not only this, but Ian happens to be really good friends with Maxwell too. So, you know what comes next, Ian happily told Maxwell with pride:



Oh Ian. Precious, back- stabbing Ian, why did you have to tell Shaniqua’s secret? Cause you don’t know how to keep your mouth shut. The thing that makes it worse is that Shelley, Benny and Tomika also told their friends about Shaniqua wanting to link Maxwell. And they told their friends’ friends and soon, everyone in the year group knew about Shaniqua wanting to link Maxwell, including Maxwell himself.

See, in secondary school, you should be careful with who you share your secrets with; and this definitely includes crushes as well. Think about it. Would you rather tell your crush you like them in person privately, or have everyone in the year group know about your feelings for them and have someone else tell them so it’s easier for you?

This type of thing has happened to me. If you remember Page from my blog about getting bullied in secondary school, then you would know he was my ex- boyfriend. When I first found out I had feelings for Page,  I confided in one of my friends who is in his form who I’m gonna be calling Hannah. We were walking out of the gates one day with one of my primary school friends who I’m gonna be calling Davina and I said to her:

I think I might have a crush on Page.

She was s-h-o-c-k-e-d. She was all like:

Come on, ES, why him?

A few days later, I told Hannah to tell Page I had feelings for him because I thought it was a good idea to let it go. He was shocked too; and before I knew it, so many people knew about Page and I, including everyone in my form because of some idiot classmates (Jk, I’m not allowed to say that in a blog). A lot of people knew and now, today, linking Page is just history and I now know how to cope with him in a room.

Having a relationship is kinda the same thing, except now when I’m explaining it, I’m not gonna be using a funny story or dialogue to break the ice, and I’m gonna be doing it in the boys’ perspective.

It seems to be that every boy in my year group wants to link a girl, it doesn’t matter whether they are in a different form or in a different school altogether, as long as they’re peng and make them look good, then they’ll be satisfied. Of course, I can’t chat because I’m not one of those boys or a boy in fact so I don’t know the full information. But really, when I look around at this wahala, it just appears that way to me.

Let me put it this way:

So, a boy sees a girl on Instagram who is penger than hell and eventually, his eyes start to widen, he starts to drool and gape and then eventually look through their posts at more peng pictures of them to see if they are actually peng at all angles and isn’t deceiving, but mostly because he wants to see satisfying pictures. He shows some to his friends, being all like:

Mannn, no joke, this girl is pengggg, I swearrrrrr

If they agree then you know you aren’t crazy. So then he starts to look at some info: which area she lives in, how old she is, her name, etc. If they meet all his standards then the DMs start rolling in like flashy cars. He wants a chance to link a pengalicious girl and this may be his chance.

This is the thing about Instagram that is actually pretty piss- taking sometimes: you have the ability to communicate with someone you just saw on the internet and are only talking to because you like their appearance and want to link them. Instagram allows you to talk to people you have never personally met and this is pretty dangerous. I know they have safety regulations but still, what’s the frickin point?

Some people in secondary school happen to maintain veryyyy short relationships because of stupid reasons like:

They don’t text me anymore

She got spots

She turned out to be an idiot

He’s an idiot and I never wanna see him again

I remember someone saying that the amount of time Page and I had linked for was actually pretty good.

Even though Page and I never had a proper relationship and it was all the crap work of action done by a form mate, apparently, we were together for like 2 to 3 weeks and it was “pretty good”. A pretty good relationship is like a month or so in my opinion. 2 to 3 weeks is like an “okay but something went wrong kind of relationship”.

Now here’s my advice, if you wanna tell someone you like them or even link them, wait a little while. Get to know the person more and try to get closer. All good relationships started off as friendships at one point, so don’t try to move too quickly. Also, keep in my mind that if you really liked somebody, you would like the way they treat or make you feel rather than their looks. Don’t try linking somebody just because you think they’re peng. You know there are actually some people who may look gorgeous on the outside but on the inside, they are evil; look out for this. Also, remember to keep secrets to yourself, your close friends or people you trust because once a secret is put in the wrong hands, it can lead to dangerous consequences.

I hope you enjoyed the blog and it really helped you with a few things or even entertained you. Make sure you like comment and follow my blog, Waves of Awesomeness and check out some more of my blogs in my other categories too. 🙂

~ ES Ordinary xx.


Link- to go out or ask out someone

Peng- a slang word for beautiful or appealing in some way

Wahala- a Yoruba word which is similar to brouhaha or pandemonium, pretty much craziness or drama

Pengalicious- peng but in a tasty way

Buffness- can mean being muscular but in this way, it is a better version of the word peng

Jk- Just kidding


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