An Early Morning Horror Story: The Time a Cat tried to Break into My Bathroom

Hey everyone, today I have another storytime for you guys to enjoy and it was when I caught a cat trying to break through my bathroom window early in the morning.

So this is how it started:

I was having a dream that I was hanging out with the Year 7 girls I was with the other day for a school trip. We were having fun but they kept on making weird and highly irritating noises in my ear. Literally reaching into my ear and going:


Not to mention but during this my arm was itching like crazy. I seriously didn’t know if it was part of my dream or if I was getting some sort of allergic reaction. 😖

I eventually woke up and switched on my light, my arm still seriously itchy. I then eventually observed the fact that I had multiple tiny gnat bites on my arm which were burning and itchy and eating my skin alive. Then in the background I could hear the evil, annoying sound of a gnat just swimming and flying around in my bedroom. 

Hey Gnat! Who do you think you are coming into my bedroom and flying around like it’s your areaaaa, eating peoples skin and sucking their blood like your an animal, you’re an insect 🐜 for goodness’ sake! Why don’t you just fly back to that so called nest you came from so I can enjoy my sleep 😴 pleaseeeeee

Gosh, this is why insects aren’t rated.

Anyway, the sound really started to get to me and ever since I got my own room, which used to belong to my sister before she went to university, my biggest fear was for a gnat to come in my bedroom and start sucking my blood for a midnight snack. That’s why I always keep my window closed no matter the weather.

Turns out to be that my fear came to pass. 😭

Frustrated, I started to make my way to my brother’s room because my brother is in uni so his bedroom was free and empty.

On my way there, just when I was about to turn to where  my brother’s bedroom was, I saw from the corner of my eye, a cat, I repeat:

A CAT 🐱 

Climbing into the bathroom window and was very close to being in the house. 

You actually don’t understand how SCARY something like that is. It was dark and it was like 3am on a Friday and a frickin animal was taking a shortcut into my house through the bathroom window in order to murder my family and I and can become allies with the gnat and suck our blood for an early morning king’s feast. 😰

My heart started racing like mad and it wasn’t the only thing racing. You should’ve seen how quickly I ran back to my bedroom after witnessing an intruder alert 🚨I literally felt like I was running for my life

“I know I can’t stay in here,”

I said to myself as I was standing in the safe territory of the house, aka my bedroom. I then took my blanket and decided to sleep downstairs, even though deeply in my heart, I knew it wasn’t a safe area, especially because I had an open plan living room: a living room with no door and just a frame- and the cat could break in and claw me to death at any moment.

Before going into the living room, I decided to go to my sister’s bedroom first to tell her just in case anything happened. Btw, we’re gonna be calling my sister Shortie, for obvious reasons 😊

“Shortie, I think a cat broke into the bathroom!”

I whispered.


Shortie whispered.

“Yeahhhhh, I’m really scared and I don’t wanna sleep in my bedroom or Joseph’s or the living room,” 😰

Btw, Joseph is gonna be the code name for my brother. 😉

In the end, I ended up sleeping in my sister’s room downstairs where there were no blood- sucking vampire insects nor were there any evil renegade cats. 

We thank God😅🙏🏾

However, by the time I woke up three hours later, I was too scared to go upstairs again and I wasted some of my morning getting ready time.

Oh well 😐

I hope you guys enjoyed this story time.

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Peace out ✌🏾 

                                 ~ ES Ordinary xx


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