The Younger Years-How I was in Primary School from Nursery to Year 6 (Part II)

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Hello ES Ordinaries, first of all, I wanna apologise for my lack of posting as frequently as I did before. My weekend was pretty packed with my bday celebration and I had to get my hair done too and it was hectic.

Anyways, I’m going to start from Year 2 as I left from Year 1 before. Now:


Year 2

I was so happy with the teacher I was with in Year 2. Let’s call her Mrs Blondie for this.

She was a da bomb teacher, I’m not gonna lie. She was funny and taught us well AND she gave me a pen licence. She was an amazeballs teacher.

A Year 2 story includes the time I was sooooo badly behaved and I was soooo angry with myself for it.

So there came a time when I didn’t seem to be listening at all and I was getting the wrong idea about everything. Not only this, but my gullibility shone out so much it was unbelievable.

So basically, earlier in the day I was told a lie by Wonder- the dude from part 1 of this series.

I remember the day before, my teacher moved me from Red Group- the highest table in the class- to Blue Group- the second highest- for the Maths lesson, as I really wasn’t doing well.

The next day came and so did the Maths lesson. Honestly, I thought that Mrs Blondie only put me in Blue Group for one day but I couldn’t get a proper answer because as far as I knew, Mrs Blondie was absent for that part of the lesson. So I asked Wonder and he said:

“Oh yeah ES, Mrs Blondie said you’re back in Red Group, come hereeeeeee!”

So for that lesson I stayed in Red Group for the day.

The day after, Mrs Blondie was looking at the work we did the day before and showing it to everyone. A number of people in the group did a fantastic amount of work because, obviously, they were smartasses. The thing is, that lesson, I barely I understood any of the work and I did so little it was unbelievable. Not only this, but I have always been one to get distracted easily so not only did I complete such a little amount of work, but I was too busy talking to my peers to actually give a damn about it.

Mrs Blondie got pissed with me at that point because not only did I complete so little work, but it turned out to be that I wasn’t supposed to be sitting in Red Group for that day either. So, I had to complete Blue Group’s work for the time being.

Unfortunately, when I did this, I still got in trouble because our Maths books had grid paper and we had to put a number in each square in the grid and I had failed to do that. So Mrs Blondie sent me to the other class to go complete the work properly.

I did so and then when I came back, I got in trouble AGAIN.

It turns out to be that Mrs Blondie didn’t even tell me to go next door to the other class and I literally just went somewhere to go do work even though I thought that was the order I was given. I really needed help then.

Then after, since my primary school has a farm, we were being sent in groups to go see some of the animals and draw them.

When I went, I drew a very nice rabbit because I was an art bangout then. I asked one of the teaching assistants whether we were allowed to colour it in because who wouldn’t want to add colour; colouring is fun you know?

“Black and white,” she said.

It seemed to be that I didn’t exactly know what that meant. I mean, why would you say that to a Year 2 child, a simple no would’ve been appropriate instead of trying to act smart by saying: “Ooh, yeah, black and white, huhuhuh!”

So when I drew a carrot next to the rabbit, I coloured it in orange because, why not? Mrs Blondie saw it and she was all like:

“ES, why did you colour it in orange?”

And I was like:

“I thought we were allowed to,”

And then the TA was all like:

“ES, I said black and white!”

I was just annoyed and confused like the sad child I am.

It’s safe to say I felt like such a bad child that day, since I pretty much was but you know, I’m such a great child now. πŸ™‚

Also, don’t forget that it was in Year 2 when I started to have a crush on Salami Crush from the younger years my first crush blogs. But hey, that’s all just history now.

Year 3

Year 3 was the year: I was in KS2, I was moving to the KS2 area of the school and I was officially:


In primary school, anyway.

I had two teachers and it wasn’t like a teacher and a TA, no no. We did have a TA although, by the way. We had a teacher who was Scottish and a deputy head teacher, we’re gonna call her Mrs Scottish Head cause you know she was partially a head and Scottish- see what I did there? Then our other teacher was a bit younger and according to another one of my classmates she looked like a businesswoman. So that’s why were gonna call her Miss Businesswoman Youngard. Wonderful.

Later on, Mrs Scottish became pregnant with a child who was later on revealed to be a boy whom she called Santino. Cute. So we had Miss Businesswoman Youngard for pretty much the rest of the year.

Quite a lot happened in Year 3, but I’m only gonna tell you like a couple of cringey stories.

So there came a time when it was lunch and I was sitting with my friend Sharpay, Fatima and some more of my friends.

Sharpay then told us a secret about how she pretty much rapes her teddy bear in the night sometimes. Btw, I can’t tell you exactly what she said cause you know, it was a secret.

Anyway, so she told us and said we should keep it so we did like normal people.

The next day came and to be honest, I forgot about the secret until I was going to school and then remembered it again; which is weird to be honest.

So I came to school and it turned out to be that Sharpay’s teddy raping story was actually released. Apparently, there came a situation where she said hi to a friend and apparently she gave her a particular look, which made it look like she was saying:

“Sharpay, I know your secret.”

So all throughout that day, we had to solve the mystery of who had told the secret.

I just felt like Sharpay was overreacting, I mean it’s not like her secret got properly released, she didn’t really have any evidence or proper information to whether people who weren’t originally told the secret, knew it already.

By the end of the day, we all agreed that the person who had told the secret was a girl in my class- we’re gonna call her Fifi- who had apparently been sitting near us at lunchtime while Sharpay told the secret.

Even though breaking promises and releasing secrets and rumours usually result in ending of friendships, it actually brought one of my other friends and I closer together as we were the ones who actually solved the mystery, cause I’m a smartass who knows how to do stuff.


The next story involves the time when I faced one of my biggest fears:


In our primary school singing assemblies, you could have the opportunity to sing in front of all KS2 as we would all participate in the assembly together. Fatima and I thought it would be great to do this as everyone else was so we thought:

“Uhhhhh, damn RIGHT we areeeee!!”

So during our lunch times and break times and pretty much anytime, we would practice the song we were going to be singing.

At first it was supposed to be a combination of:

I Want You Back- Jackson 5

Make it Shine- Victoria Justice

But then we decided to just do all of Make it Shine.

When it came to performing in front of the assembly, you know it:

We were nervous.

In the beginning, we planned to add in some dance moves but since we were so nervous, we held hands instead. We were just little Year 3 kids who were singing in front of their first big audience: 240 KS2 pupils.

So we sang.

We sang our fricking hearts out and we got great publicity for it- we got stickers and well dones like any other good deed done in primary school.

By the way, remember how I was pretty much in love with SC, well, when we finished singing and his class were called to go back to class, he gave me a look which kinda looked like he was saying:

“Oh my goodness!!! ES, you can sing? Please, TAKE ME NOW! I take back everything I said about not liking you. In fact: I LOVE YOU! Let’s go to our happy place and you can sing to our 18 children lullabies from our childhood!” 

Jk, it ain’t that personal.

Every since then, singing in front of audiences seemed so easy but now it’s really hard.

In Year 3, Naomi left the school because she moved to an area very close to Essex which is very far considering the fact that we live in London and so was our primary school. There were times when she would come to school reallyyyyy late. Like Period 3- in secondary school wording/ language- which is really really late. (Btw, my school has 5 periods and a form period so the third period is like the middle of the school day)

So in the end, Naomi had to move to a primary school nearer to her house in order to prevent being late as frequently as she was.

Don’t forget guys, I also let SC I know liked him in Year 3 too. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ

Year 4

What I lovely year, even though I don’t really remember a lot with what happened cause I’m an airhead. Jk πŸ™‚

The sad thing about Year 4 was that… wait for it:


How this happened? Well, let me tell you.

So every year in primary school, whenever we get our end of year reports we also get to know which class we’ll be in the next year and who our teacher will be.

I remember Miss Businesswoman Youngard telling us that we shouldn’t freak out if some of us got into different classes than one another. I just assumed that there would be a few people who would be in other classes. Well, I thought wrong.

So when I got home and opened my report with my parents, I looked at my report and was like yasssss I’m gonna be put in this class and I know it’s gonna be the same for Fatima too yayyy😊

Turns out to be that we were ALL going to be put into different classes. There were a number of people who were in my Year 4 class but soon later on I realised that most of the people in my Year 3 class were actually in the other Year 4 class. πŸ˜ͺ

Fatima and Sharpay were both gonna be in the other class so I felt kinda lonely. The only friend I remember having in my Year 4 class was Delaney (you’ll remember her from the part two of my first crush) but that didn’t last long cause she made some new friends from the people in our new class, she pretty much got used to the class switch very quickly.

I don’t exactly remember a lot of cringey stories but I’m gonna tell you what happened during the Christmas Nativity:

It seemed like ever since I started KS2 I hadn’t been chosen to do Christmas Nativities. You know I originally thought that we were going to be doing the traditional everyone in KS2 has to do a class song thing but Mrs Mallow the Piano- that’s the name I’m going to be giving our music teacher who also happens to be a class teacher and taught my brother when he was in Year 6- thought otherwise.

For our Year 4 Christmas Nativity, we did A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I wasn’t picked as a narrator nor an actor and I was reallyyyyy upset.


So I had Momma Bear 🐻 to write Mrs Mallow the Piano a letter to ask if I could join the choir again because I was at least somewhat linked to the play and I previously joined in Year 2. It was fun, it was a fun time. 

I got to practice songs from the school play and I also got to sing Christmas songs for elderly people at a nearby care centre so they can feel happy at Christmas. We’re such nice people. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š

I was also a favourite in Year 4. Our Year 4 teacher would always have meeeeeee to run the errands cause I was special. And don’t worry, I was and still am a smartass. In Year 4, I left with a level 5c+ in English. As you can already tell from this blog, writing is my passion and it has always, and I mean


Been my forte.

I hope you enjoyed this veryyyy long post. Make sure you like, comment and follow my blog Waves of Awesomeness and tune in for more storytimes like this as it appears to be enjoyed by most of you guys. Thanks for reading.  πŸ˜Š

Part I if you missed it

Tune in for Part III next time.

                            ~ ES Ordinary xx


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