The Younger Years- Storytime: My First Crush (Part II)

Hello fellow ES Ordinaries (that’s the name I’m going to give you all😜)

Today, I have the continuation of my first crush blog in the younger years. You might be surprised I have a part two for this as a story about a crush shouldn’t be long enough to have two parts, but honestly, if you understood, then you would know why I had two parts.

Now, we left off from Year 3, from there, we are going to go to Year 4 and 6 because nothing really happened in Year 5 to be honest.

Year 4

In Year 4, I still had feelings for SC, I’m not gonna lie. But people still wondered why I did like him anyway. If anything he was only rated by the boys in my year because:

  1. He was a football champion 😍⚽️
  2. He was just a dude who had a lot of friends tbh
  3. And he just had that competitive personality which boys since to enjoy from other boys

I was still teased about it and I didn’t let it bother me as much as it should. To be honest, nothing really happened between SC and I in Year 4 that I can remember very well. By the time Year 5 came I finally convinced myself to get over SC.

Year 6

Now, it was Year 6 that reallyyyyy was full of beef.

This is how the story came to be:

So by the time Year 6 came, I wasn’t too bothered about SC and actually had a different crush who is a son if a fellow pastor I met at a camp during the summer. He was the only guy I was actually interested in and had my eyes for at that moment.

I then soon started to realise that there was actually a chance SC had some feelings for me. I mean seriously, you don’t understand how many times I caught him staring at me at weird moments. The thing is as well, it was really easy  to know if he was looking  at me because he had beady eyes which looked at you intently. This is like him looking at me:

πŸ™‡πŸΎβ€β¬…οΈ πŸ‘€

Also, it’s not like it will be a quick sideways glance and then back to reality, no no. He would stare at me and even if I caught him and would stare back hoping he would look away because honestly, nobody likes being watched, he would still continue. It was sooo weird!!!!

I then kept on thinking, I like this other guy but I can’t get SC out of my head! I think he likes meeee.

The thing is-this id how it’s been for a few of my crushes- whenever I feel like a guy likes me, I start to investigate. For this particular investigation, I gave it a name which unfortunately I can’t tell you because it would reveal SCs name and that wouldn’t me very nice, would it? Noooooo.

So I assumed SC liked me so I started to like him back like I had been for like the last 2-3 years. I then finally let my friends know  I still liked SC and of course, they were surprised.

Now, he comes the crazy part.

It was a Friday and we were having our special indoor free time as that was what we would do on Friday afternoons in my primary school. SC and some other boys in my year group were soon to be having a football match and were collecting their kits which were situated in my classroom.

A member of my class started to talk about who would be wearing which number jersey for the football match. When he said SC was going to be wearing number 7, I cheered happily because 7 was one of my favourite numbers and it was going to be worn on one of my favourite guys. Score! My classmate then asked why I cheered, then another classmate- let’s call her Delaney- shouted out:

“It’s because ES still likes SC, that’s why!”

You don’t understand how pissed I was with Delaney after this point. Even worse, the person she told has the inability to keep secrets, especially one like this. Then guess what happened after? So a boy from the other class next door came in and then he decided to shout out:

“ES still likes SC, tell everyone!”

I was sooooo angry. (Grrrr) 😑 He literally told another student in my year group to tell EVERYONE about me still liking SC. That’s how you know you have to put your secret in good hands.

So from then on, the teasing and the snatching and dragging still continued but I guess not as much as it did before. But here is another story that pretty much ends it.

There came a time, it was when Year 6 was ending which meant primary school was ending for me too. I wanted to talk to SC about me not being crazy and that it’s better if we somehow stay friends. I mean, seriously, I wouldn’t want him going off to secondary school still thinking I was some crazy girl who liked him. I mean, do have a heart, soul and feelings. They aren’t non-existent. But that still backfired.

Instead of it being calm, we were still dragged towards each other because of letting people know I wanted to do that. It never happened in the end.

So now I’m in secondary school and I haven’t seen SC since primary school. I just sometimes wished that I could see him one day and be able to talk to him now that I’m older and talking to him would be easier since I don’t like him anymore. But really, that was only my first crush, just a little love. I know one day I’ll meet my true love and my first crush would just be a story that I’ll tell later on to my beloved children.

Please like, comment and follow this if you liked it. I’ll see you next time with another post. πŸ™‚

Part I if you missed it

~ ES Ordinary xx



7 thoughts on “The Younger Years- Storytime: My First Crush (Part II)

  1. yikesrith says:

    Your story is actually a lot like mine Unfortunately(or fortunately) I’m still friends with him and I’m in 10th grade at the moment. We just pretend that the primary crush never happened

    Liked by 1 person

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