How the First Day of School is like for Secondary Students

Let’s rewind to the day before the first day, or as I like to call it, First Day Eve.

So basically, everyone is preparing for the next day which is, of course, the first day of school. School bags are being packed, stationery is being filed into pencil cases, uniform is being ironed and alarms are being set to 6 am again. Those times are what I call, da bomb. I’m the type of person who really enjoys school. When it comes to school preparation, I happen to get really hyped. Just typical me. šŸ™‚

The bad thing about going back to school is pretty much because you have to wake up and sleep earlier than you did in the summer holidays. What a shame. I love those times when you would sleep at like 2 am and be up texting your people or watching movies all night long and then waking up late in the afternoon with the typical bed head. Well, everything ends when school starts. *sigh*

But remember, things are going to change. You’re getting a year older, there’s going to be new youngers who you can tax and also you get to chill like a boss. So I guess there are a lot of perks.

Now let’s go to the first day. #Yasssssss

*Braaaaaahhhhhh trilililili jingle jangle ring a ting ting* (that’s the sound of your alarm waking you up at 6 am)

You wake up and then realise:

“Woah, I’m a year older now. That’s radical dude!”

You get yourself dressed and brushed and scrubbed and dusted: all ready for school. There is so much you are excited for:

  • You get to see your people
  • You get to see your people
  • And… oh yeah, you get to see your people

Do you know how hard it is to survive 6 to 7 weeks without your friends? Unless you guys had plans to see each other or magically saw each other in the town centre recently, then trust me, the struggle is real.

These are girls when they see each other for the first time in 1 and a half months:

*Screams and squeals*

“Oh my gosh! I’ve missed you so much! Babes, you’re glowing! Nahhh, no lie we look peng! We have so much to catch up on!”

Aw, how sweet.

Now these are boys when they see each other for the first time in 1 and a half months:

*Weird rumbling noises which are actually the sound of boys shouting*

“Yo! What you saying man! I haven’t seen you in so long! Let’s make sure we get girls this year okay! Yeahhhhh!”

Now that we’ve got the first impression behaviour out of the way, let’s move on to the actual stages of your school day.

So first of all, you line up by your form class with your form, waiting for your form tutor to come and unlock that door. To pass the time, you talk to your friends about your summer: what you did, where you went and so and so.

Finally, when you get into your form class, your tutor gives your class the new seating plan for form time. Obviously, you pray to be seated next to someone you actually rate and not some strange person who picks their nose and feeds it to the plants or even worse, the class pet. Then its planners, new timetables and filling in important stuff.

Honestly, it’s work.

The next parts include meeting your new teachers. This is the part where things are already hard, because most of your teachers for the new year would not be the same you had last year as that is highly unlikely. Not only this, but these new teachers would have to learn all your names, and that is usually achieved in a couple of weeks. But obviously I understand, you aren’t the only class your teacher has to teach and your class isn’t the only class of which names have to be learnt and memorised, so it’s good to have compassion over them.

Then when you finally come back home, all tired, but still glowing angelically, you eventually realise: that is going to be how it is like for the entire school year. So you have to get used to it.

~ES Ordinary. xx


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