Perks of Not Being a Buffting in Secondary School

Imagine you are sitting down, eating your nasty school sandwich with your friends, just minding your own business, when all of a sudden, you get blinded. ‘By what?’ you may ask. Well, this buffting, pengting glowing girl passes you with her suicide squad (jk it’s not that personal) and blinds your eyes with her outstanding beauty. She makes jaws drop and eyes travel as if she were a walking dentist angel, not to mention the fact that her teeth are pristine white and straighter than Stevie Wonder’s hairline from his younger self.

Many girls would want to be like that girl just described: have an amazeballs appearance, a blinding smile and a curvy hourglass- shaped body which makes heads turn. Girls like me for example. There are days when I’m happy with my appearance- these are most days to be exact- every day at school, I see girls with fleeky eyebrows, shaved, hairless legs and clear faces and the fact that I have none of the things mentioned really gets me annoyed. But I always remember that I’ll have my glo up in a number of years time and this awkward phase that I’m in just proves the pain that I’ll have to go through. I mean, Beyoncé did say that pretty hurts.

But another thing I remind myself of is that not being a buffting actually has its perks and sometimes being physically beautiful isn’t all that it seems.

To start this off, let’s talk about the affect has on the other sex. Do you ever catch boys looking at a girls behind sometimes and then when they find a correct size they are looking for get gassed? Well, these are one of the things peng girls have through. It’s not like I’ve gone through the pain though, I’ve just seen it. For example, there is always a pengting of each year and my one (Let’s call her Zara for obvious reasons) has to go through that pretty pain. It seems to be though, she loves the pretty pain. I remember at the start of the year, boys were all like Zara is buffffff! She linked so many people until the boys started to get interested in linking other girls since of course, Zara wasn’t the only pengting of the year. But it still seems to be, that Zara has to keep her reputation as being the pengting of the year, meaning she should always stay her peng self regularly.

This is one of the perks of not being one of these pengtings. You don’t have to worry about dressing a particular way in order to keep your reputation. You could wear your school uniform however you wanted and nobody would give a damn. You could wear your skirt as high or low as you wanted or go with or without tights. Honestly no one would care!

Another perk is not getting looked at in particular places by a particular category of people. One of the struggles a peng person has to go through is the fact that boys will be forever looking at their assets. Some girls would enjoy that and actually entertain these people more by dressing less but really, this should not be done. I wouldn’t find it satisfying to catch someone looking at my parts; unless it’s when I’m in the girls changing room because everyone already does that anyway. But even thought the “hormones” a male has causes them to have sexual thoughts, I would rather them look up to a girls fave rather than down at her chest.

In addition to this male talk, another peng people problem is linking. If you don’t know what linking is, then let me let you know: it is the slang word for going to go out or ask out someone out.

It seems to be- in like, all situations- that if you have that appearance, you are very likely to be that type of person who “gets boys”. Being a peng person would mean getting asked out by a lot by other people and being everyone’s crush. They’ll be people watching you all the time. If you happen to pass their way, it is for sure they’ll stare at you. It seems like all this pressure is put on you and all eyes are on you and it may be hard to believe, but it ain’t that great.

I actually never thought there would be a day when I would actually be grateful for not being one of the bufftings in my year who get linked daily. But I should be grateful for what I have and you should too. I know for sure that in the future I’ll marry a guy who not likes me for my looks but for my personality: that’s all that matters. So I know we may not all be bufftings, but we are all beautiful in our own special way.

It’s not about what you have,

It’s about who you are

~ES Ordinary xx


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