5 Signs you Like a Guy


Have you ever been contemplating on whether you actually like a guy or not? You keep on running it over in your head thinking: do I like him or am I overthinking? Well, hopefully by the guidance of my blog you will actually find out whether you like this person or not.

Let’s start.

1.) Thinking- how often do you think about this guy? Is it when you are recalling a situation that included him and just running it over your head or do you think about him at times which are out of the ordinary? Also, what features do you think about at these times you think about him? His smile, his personality, how he acts around you? These are key parts on finding out whether you like him.

2.) Attitude, Reaction and Body Language- how do you react when he’s around you? Do you tense up, change your current position or does your heart start pounding unnaturally fast? When he talks do you, do you get shaky or attempt to choose your words carefully in order now to create an awkward situation or embarrass yourself, or do you talk naturally as if you were talking to any other person? Do you try to act cool or do you already do that?

3.) Travelling Eyes- do you ever catch your eyes travelling towards where he is? How do you react whenever he looks back? Any ordinary person would look away when someone catches you staring because if anything, it’s kinda weird. But, do you get excited or surprised when he does this? If either or both, then there is a chance that you may like him?

4.) Absence- let’s say that it’s a normal Wednesday and your first period is Science, everyone is coming in and you expect to see Maybe Guy coming in with everyone else like any other day. But wait, OH NO! He isn’t there! Now, if you were in that situation or have been before, how do you or did you feel at that moment? Would you be fine since you consider him as any other normal student who is just absent or would it make your heart sink a little? Are you fine with him not being there or are you a little upset that he isn’t? Think very carefully.

5.) Other People- if you were to see him talking to another girl who happened to be so peng it was unbelievable, how would you feel? Would you just push the thought away since you wouldn’t even care about it anyway or would you get jelly? Would you be wishing to be that girl at that point in time or not actually care?

So now that you’ve read this and thought whether these actually apply to you, what are the results? If you happen to find out you do like him, then make a move! But if you’re too scared, then at least tell your friends as they can help you. But be careful with whoever you tell as putting a secret in the wrong hands can lead to dangerous consequences.

A quiz to check out if you want an exclusive answer:


I hope this helped and if it did, like and comment! 🙂

~ ES Ordinary xx



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